COVID-19 is a Real and Pressing Issue
There is also a lot of fear about voting and how that may look prior to the primary on June 9th.

You can request a mail in ballot anytime prior to May 26th Click Here . . .

Family outside in Nevada
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Parents will do anything for their children. I’m no exception.
I, like many other parents, started my advocacy work the day my first child was born. As my children started school I became involved with their school’s PTA and eventually became a Board Member for Nevada PTA. When my oldest son began showing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression after a traumatic event, I struggled to find a provider that could treat him. That experience changed my life and ultimately inspired a passion for advocating for youth and their families.

To help ensure quality care for kids and families in crisis, I serve as a Parent Representative on the Clark County Children’s Mental Health Consortium , serve as Chair of the Clark Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board and member of multiple other boards, councils and commissions.

I have worked on legislation on multiple issues including traffic safety, education, disability rights and healthcare. And now I am running for State Assembly District 18 because I think it’s time that we elect representatives who will put the people in our community first.

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
We can all make a difference and create a better future.